ATTENTION:  All prospective adopters will have to meet certain criteria and be approved for adoption of a pet.  When you apply for adoption we will check out your facilities for keeping a pet.  If you live out in the county, we will have the Sheriff's Dept. check your facility.  We are doing this in all cases in an effort to make sure all pets are going to a good home.

 We have dogs coming in daily!

Ready for Adoption:

Updated 01/10/11


Click here to see dogs in our area


that need good homes!











Pet News & Reminders
Updated 12/22/10

BIGBEE Humane Society will be meeting the 1st Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm
at the Bigbee Thrift Store on Walnut Ave. in downtown Demopolis
Everyone is invited to attend.

Pet Grooming available at the Demopolis Animal Shelter!  Proceeds benefit the shelter.

Alabama Spay Neuter open for appointments!  Low cost spay/neuter clinic located in Irondale.  Costs:  female dog spay - $65; male dog neuter - $55; female cat spay - $45; male cat neuter - $35; 5 or more animals - $10 off; in and out the same day.  Rabies vaccination, if required, $10; 5 or more animals - $8 each.  Located at 2721 Crestwood Blvd. in Irondale (take Exit 133 off I-20, across from the Irondale Post Office).  For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call (205) 956-0012.

Impoundment Fees -

Just for picking up your dog:
        1st time  - $25
        2nd time - $40
        3rd time  - $75
        4th time  - $100 plus appear in Municipal Court
        5th time  - APPEAR IN MUNICIPAL COURT

Food & Boarding is $10 per day


Free to a Good Home
(These animals are available directly from the owners.  Call the number provided for more information.)



Pets Wanted
Updated 10/04/10





Lost and Found:

NOTE:  Lost & Found animals are not kept at the shelter.
Call the shelter for the phone number of the person who has either lost or found the pet.

IMPORTANT:  Please remember to notify the shelter when you find your pet, or when you adopt one,
so our records and the website can be updated.  Thanks so much!

Found Animals
Updated 05/17/11

DOGS: 05/16/11 Male Shih Tzu - found on Hwy. 80 West, Demopolis, just past Plaza Golf Carts.  Call to identify. 334-216-0272

Lost Animals
Updated 01/21/11

DOGS: 01/21/11 Scarlett - reddish-brown bloodhound, female, 4 yrs old, no collar.  See top of this page for details. Shane & Andi
289-3913 or


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Alabama Trail Rider Group
ASPCA - The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Petfinder - FREE national searchable database of animals in shelters and rescue groups.  Information is searchable by zip code, breed, age, sex, and size.  Information about the animals includes behavior, shot status, photo, and more.  Individuals may post their own pets, put their "wants" in the "pets wanted" section, visit the library, or join a discussion forum.
Humane Society's Pet Information Center
Pet Nutrition
Discovery Channel's AnimalPlanet.com
Local Veterinarians: Demopolis Animal Clinic, Dr. Roy Hill & Ted Stuedeman, 289-1839
Greensboro Animal Clinic, 334-624-3378
Animal Hospital of Thomasville, 334-636-5579
Eutaw - Dr. Warren Burke, 205-652-9372
Livingston - Dr. T.C. Vaughan, 205-652-9372
Marion Veterinary Clinic, 334-683-9872

Demopolis Animal Shelter
809 East Jackson Street
  --  Demopolis, Alabama 36732  --  334-287-2769
Open Monday - Friday, 7:00am-5:00pm

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