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Notice: It's been over a year since I've updated (sorry). But I've finally added something! Check out the new one, 3 Libras. It's a powerful song full of emotion straight from the heart.

here you go..enjoy....One day i'll actually redo this page....but as of right now, I don't care much about it.




1.)  The Fragile


Trent Reznor

2.) No Title  


3.) 3 Libras -New  

Maynard James Keenan

4.) Hopelessness


Mint Shows

5.) Mr. Self Destruct (The Beauty of Being Numb)  

Mint Shows

6.)  Savior  

Mint Shows

7.)  Why Wouldn't I Listen?  

Mint Shows

8.)  Can't You See It's Over?  

Mint Shows

9.)  A Plea for Love


Mint Shows

10.) My Own Prison


Tremonti/Stapp (Creed)

11.) Gave Up


Trent Reznor

12.) Street Spirit [Fade Out]


Thom Yorke / Radiohead

13.) The Third Day (Alas My Love)


Kevin Max Smith

14.)  Puedo escribir...  

Pablo Neruda

15.) We Have Forgotten  

Matt Slocum

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